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In the cold season, hearing the name Hot Springs brings some healing to the mind. Hot springs are a wonderful blessing to cold New Zealand. The people of Rotorua have recognized the importance of preserving these hot springs since the early 19th century. With the advancement of technology and the increase in transportation facilities, the Rotorua hot springs became popular among the people. As a result, the number of tourists visiting these hot springs and bathing in them is increasing day by day. As human access to natural resources increases, so does the risk of its contamination.

Hot springs (Backpacker Guide NZ)

Today, however, the entire Rotorua region is a tourist hotspot. Tourists are attracted to this place not only because of its natural beauty. These natural hot springs have medicinal value. The ingredients in Rotorua’s springs help alleviate ailments such as impotence, arthritis and rheumatism. Due to this there is a natural attraction for tourists in this area. If there is a shortage of space in public places, tourists can avail facilities through a private service center.

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Such hot springs are thought to be the result of internal volcanic activity in the Rotorua region. When water from natural hot springs mixes with cold streams or rivers, hot springs are created that allow the body to bathe and extinguish itself. Tourists enjoy swimming in these streams. These hot springs are a major tourist attraction, especially after the onset of winter in New Zealand. Not only foreign tourists but also local tourists come here to enjoy the comforts of these hot springs. There are hot springs like this all over the region, not just one or two in the Rotorua region. It is very useful for tourists to identify at least a few of these famous places.

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Waikite Valley Thermal Pools are located between Taupo and Rotorua. This was established in 1972. There is a separate swimming pool, a pool in the center of the park and two private pools. The private pools can be booked for a period of time and tourists can enjoy a fresh experience. The Polynesian Spa is located near Lake Rotorua. Water from two natural springs will be supplied to 27 existing pools to facilitate water sports for tourists.

Hell’s Gate – WaiOra Spa and Wellness Center is a fairly special place. This is located about a mile from Rotorua About 10 miles north. The place has been famous for its medicinal properties for over 800 years. This water is rich in minerals. Moreover, this water is muddy in nature. Due to these specialties, this area is especially attractive to tourists.

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The Bridge (aka The Secret Spot, aka HotnCold), Wyotapu Stream, Kerosene Creek, Tumoana Point Hot Springs, Waterfall Spout Bath, Waiotapu, Wairua Stream, Lake Rotowhero, Kuirau Park Footbaths, Maungataniwha Hot Springs, (Hot Water Beach), Blue Baths, Waitangi Soda Springs, Rotoma Holiday Park, Maurie Kjar Memorial Swimming Pool Complex, Awakeri Hot Springs, Lake Rotoiti Hot Pools aka Manupirua Thermal Springs, Rotorua Accommodation with Thermal Pools and Hinemoa’s Pool (Wai-Kimihia) are also hotspots associated with Rotorua, and visiting these places gives tourists the opportunity to make their hot diving dream come true.

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