New Zealand wants to protect Dolphins

Image: CCO license / pixabay / 

To protect dolphins, a law was recently passed in New Zealand prohibiting the use of driftnets in fishing. 

The Maui and Hector dolphins are threatened in New Zealand’s waters. There are only 63 specimens of the Maui dolphins, a subspecies of the Hector dolphins. The Hector dolphins with 15,000 animals are also threatened with extinction. The dolphins often get caught in the fishermen’s nets and can no longer break free. For this reason, it will be prohibited to use driftnets in New Zealand’s fisheries from October 2020. This was declared by the New Zealand government.

In addition, there will no longer be any new permits for seismic surveys or seabed mining in extended protected areas. The government has also announced that it wants to help commercial fishermen use new methods of fishing.

Source: Stern

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