Beautiful Places In The World With Darkness

#1. Lightning Island

This is likely to be the most active volcano in the Hawaiian islands, perhaps even on earth. The name kilauea aptly means “spewing” in the local language because it erupts over time. Like other volcanoes in the archipelago, it is considered sacred by Hawaiians. In their legends, kīlauea’s halemaumau crater is the body and home of Pele, the goddess of fire, lightning, wind and volcanoes. It is now a world heritage site and is a major tourist attraction. You can see a museum on the edge of the kīlauea caldera and an observation deck above the halemaumau crater.

#2. Norway Northern Lights

The utterly insane phenomenon known as the aurora borealis can be seen anywhere in the North. From the Vikings, you can see some of the strangest and most spectacular offerings from the sky, as Norway is a great place to watch the magical light show that occurs when the electrons charged by the solar wind meet the elements in the Earth’s atmosphere along the Earth’s magnetic field lines.

#3. Fitz Roy ; Los Glaciares

Monte fitz roy is a mountain in patagonia, on the border between argentina and chile. It is located in the southern patagonian ice field, near el chaltén village and viedma lake. Mount fitz roy original name is chaltén, that in tehuelche dialect means “smoking mountain”. This is due to a rare aeolic phenomenon that makes its top always appear as it was surrounded by clouds, which gives the mountain a smoking volcano look. Special want to mention the incredible play of colors that reflect off the face of the mountain each morning with the sunrise. (pictured here)

#4. The Night Sky

This is a more democratic destination, and everyone can watch as the earth rotates around us, offering a perfect 360-degree view. All you have to do to enjoy the beauty of the night sky is find the darkness and stick your head back. Views from stars and galaxies to satellites and planets. It may be enough to look at the moon all night, but add sunsets, meteors, star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies. The whole universe may be in front of you.

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