The tiny bird fossil may be the smallest dinosaur in the world

The world’s smallest fossilized (Dianasore) fossil has been found. It is found in the northern part of Myanmar. How did this remarkable discovery evolve into giant dinosaurs? It is also thought to provide some light.

One of the scientists involved in the project called the invention (“the most amazing fossil I’ve ever seen in excavations”). Only the remains of the fossil have been found. It is unclear how it was related to birds. Some portions of the fossil title resemble those of the dinosaurs. Other parts of it resemble advanced birds.

The yellow-fossilized specimen found in a resin species is shaped like a bird’s head and is said to be ninety-nine million years old. The hummingbird is said to be the smallest bird currently alive. The smallest dinosaur has ever been found, weighing hundreds of grams, and the hummingbird is only two grams.

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