Amazing Trees Growing In The Desert

#1. Tree Of Life

The tree of life in bahrain is the loneliest tree in the world. This tree is located hundreds of miles above the highest point of the barren desert in bahrain and is believed to have pipe roots hundreds of feet below the aquifer. The source of water for this tree remains a mystery because it stands in a place completely free of water. The tree is generally believed to be more than 400 years old, but the exact age is unknown.

#2. The Story Of A Beloved Tree

For centuries, until one unfortunate day in 1973, an isolated acacia tree grew in the sandy desert of the nigerian sahara. For generations of tired travelers, the solitary tree provided little shade and much more. As the only tree about 250 miles away, it was an important landmark along a long-established trekking path through barren terrain.

The people of tuareg, a tribe living in the tenere area, had already come to take care of the tree, but by the late 1930s it had attracted the attention of outsiders. European military campaigners marveled at the solitary acacia in the desert, which became known as l’arbre du ténéré (the tree of tenere), making it one of the most isolated trees on earth by being included in cartographers’ maps.


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