Walking on Grass is a Relief to many Diseases

Today, many houses around the house are covered with concrete. There is very little space for a man to feel the grass. But if you go for a walk in the grass in the morning, Indigenous medicine says that it is the best way to stay away from many ailments.

You can get this benefit for free if you can make a grass thin strip of your house  that is covered with concrete.If you can plant a herb called a  Heen Undupiyaliya leafy herb instead of a lawn, the benefits of walking on it are even greater.Heen Undupiyaliya is a grass that is easy to breed. Walking on  Heen Undupiyaliya is a great treat for local medicine.

Walking in the morning on a lawn  can reduce the blood flow to normal . It is said to be a great relief especially for women with menstrual problems and for pregnancy and hormonal problems. Exercising on a lawn is even more beneficial for women suffering from such diseases.

There are more activity zones  at the bottom , which can stimulate well for those who walk on the lawn. Because the eyes, ears, lungs, brain, and kidneys are connected to the nerve endings, walking on a lawn helps maintain the function of those organs.

It is common for the first, second and third fingers to weight when walking on the ground . These three fingers have direct contact with most of the nerves in the eye, and when stimulated in the morning grass or Heen Undupiyaliya grass on the walk , they stimulate the area of ​​the fingers and contribute to the health of the eyes.Stimulating the nerves in the lower extremities can lower blood pressure, making it a drug for many people with high blood pressure to walk on the grass .

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